Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Office Lunch

My husbands office lunch was yesterday, so this is the outfit I put together for the occasion. In France, a special work lunch means drinks, 3 course meal and wine - all in the middle of the day! 

I wanted something that was put together, appropriate and fun. I've been a little obsessed with finding a maxi skirt this winter - perhaps I've been watching too much Dowton Abby, but I think they can look so chic if styled right. I also love deep reds and purples together, a very rich winter look.

I added a sparkly pin on my scarf,

 The beautiful Hermes bracelet I got for Christmas last year,

And, of course, some glitter to the ends of my nails. I can't tell you what the polishes are here, because I had a friend do this one, sorry!

I was so excited to find my maxi skirt, that I nearly cried when I went to pick it up from the tailor where I had it hemmed to find that she hemmed it too short. I really like the look of skirts that hit the floor, and as you can see here, even with flats, that is not the case. Grrr... I've been trying to convince myself that it looks okay and that it will be better in the long run with all of the rain we're getting this winter!

Scarf, unknown; Sweater, Banana Republic; Skirt, ASOS; Shoes, Coach; Bracelet, Hermes

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