Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bonne Année 2013!

Happy new year 2013! 

In France, the new years tradition is based around, you guessed it, food!
Many restaurants are open and have extensive seven course meals.
However, 4 + hours of eating and drinking comes at a certain (read: hefty!) price and the menus are not very vegetarian friendly.
Now, granted, I'm a really bad vegetarian (I eat fish on occasion, one of my new years resolutions is to eat vegan 2 times a week though! Baby steps...) but foie gras, deer and sweetbreads are not my cup of tea.

So, we decided to forgo the restaurant route and had our own new years party at home.
I came across ellinee.com, a great site that has all kinds of free printables for occasions like new years, birthdays, valentine's day, you name it. All the new years paper decorations in this post are from their blog site.

Strange fact about the small town we live in: there is a take out sushi that is actually quite good! So, we ordered way too much sushi and had a feast!

At midnight we cracked a bottle of champagne and put our wedding flutes to good use.

Grigris looking dashing in his new years hat

Midnight kiss!

Dress: H&M

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